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Evvr Center, designed exclusively for complex local automation system.

The brain of a larger home automation system

Evvr Center is a powerful home automation controller suitable for larger Evvr Home automation systems. It's specially designed for complicated automation scenarios such as large home, smart apartment, smart villa, nursing home and school automation.



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Integrate with thousands of smart home devices. It enables connections with a wide variety of Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Matter and Wi-Fi devices via multiple simple bridges and gateways.

Centralized Control

Integrates the control and monitoring of all your smart home devices: audio recorders, video doorbells, lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, sensors and other devices.


Enterprise-Class Privacy and Security

The automation runs and all private data is stored completely locally. Peer-to-peer network connection and data encryption are in place when accessing your device remotely.


Complete Local Automation

Supports complete local control & automation of up to 3,000 devices, and able to process hundreds of control commands at a time;

Custom Storage Upgrades

Allows custom storage upgrades up to 4TB. You can expand the storage of the controller fully based on your requirements.

High Availability

Features load balancing and hot-spare back up function. Spreads heavy workloads over multiple devices, while also providing built-in redundancy. If a controller fails, the system can automatically reroute the load to working servers to minimize the impact on users.


Enhanced performance to handle larger home automation

Smaller, single-family smart homes are now relatively common — but what if your space is bigger? This is where the Evvr Center can show its true power, acting as the focal point of multi-unit living spaces, medical centers and more.

Enterprise-class management system features

Evvr Center provides built-in enterprise features: support for single sign-on (SSO) access and the Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). You can authorize employees to log into the smart home system with their existing credentials and profiles, allowing your company to bring its entire user base into the system.



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