EVVR безжично реле + смарт ключ (Z-Wave)

EVVR безжично реле + смарт ключ (Z-Wave)
EVVR безжично реле + смарт ключ (Z-Wave)
EVVR безжично реле + смарт ключ (Z-Wave)
EVVR безжично реле + смарт ключ (Z-Wave)
EVVR безжично реле + смарт ключ (Z-Wave)
EVVR безжично реле + смарт ключ (Z-Wave)
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In-⁠Wall Relay Switch

The Most Compatible No-Neutral Smart Relay Switch

(Z-Wave Version)


relay switch

Always Connected, Always Online

Unlike other smart relay switches and smart bulbs, the Smart Relay part remains connected even if the wall switch is turned off. You can always access and control your lighting system via apps or voice commands wirelessly.

smart light switch

No Neutral Wire Required

No neutral wire required installation. Enjoy the convenience of smart lights and smart relays, without spending a fortune to rewire the electrical wires inside walls and ceilings.

relay switch

Work with All Wall Switches

Works with all types of conventional wall switches: toggle switches, momentary push buttons, as well as smart remote buttons. No need to replace any of your existing wall switches.

relay for light switch

Exceptionally Small

The Smart Switch part of the product is kept exceptionally small. 2 Smart Switches can fit in any electrical boxes to support up to 4-gang panel switches.

smart relay switch

Make Any Bulbs Smart

It works with all kinds of regular bulbs: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED bulbs. Convert your whole lighting setup to a smart lighting system without replacing a single bulb no matter what type or what shape it is.

relay switch

Hardwired 3-Way or 4-Way

Supports Hardwired 3-Way or 4-Way Control with your existing wall switches, no neutral wire required.


A Higher Level of Convenience,
Safety, and Reliability

In-Wall Relay Switch has been trusted with various certificates from different regions, e.g. CE, FCC, UKCA, RoSH, WEEE.

The unique patented design allows it to work with the most energy-efficient light bulbs and eliminated safety issues with other smart relay switch products such as electrical leakage during installation and light flickering while working with the low-wattage light bulbs. With no requirement of a neutral wire, In-Wall Relay Switch can work with any house including older houses without a neutral wire present. * For use in houses built before the 1980s.

You can build the most eco-friendly smart lighting system with the In-Wall Relay Switch across a wide variety of sectors around the world, with various smart home protocols: Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave and Apple HomeKit(Please check product page for more information).

Residential lighting control


Seamless integrate In-Wall Relay Switch with your favorite voice assistant or ecosystem, turn your connected lights on or off simply with a tap or a voice command, or set schedules and have your connected lights work automatically, for instance, set a "welcome home" mode to adjust the temperature, open the shades and tune the light to a perfect ambiance based on your personal setting; Hallway lights illuminate the way for your movement at the middle of the night.


Always Online and Connected, Even If The Wall Switch is Turned Off

Without pairing with the Smart Switch part, the Smart Relay performs as an independent device that adds wireless (Zigbee) connectivities to your lights and turns regular light bulbs into smart controlled lights. And the Smart Switch is an optional add-on that connects the Smart Relay and your wall switches for expanded functionality:

Whether the physical wall switch is on or off, the power is constantly on at the Smart Relay for it to remain always connected and online, thus you can always access and control your connected lights via apps or voice commands wirelessly.


No Neutral, No Problem

Unlike other home smart light switches, the In-Wall Relay Switch is a no neutral wire required smart switch. Without requiring a neutral wire, a vast number of people around the world can enjoy the convenience of smart lights, without spending a fortune to rewire the electrical wires inside walls and ceilings.

Intuitive Voice Control

Enjoy the hands-free convenience of controlling lights at home with a voice. You could use your favorite voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, SmartThings or Google Assistant, based on the hubs you use.


Works with All Types of Wall Switches

In-Wall Relay Switch works with three types of standard wall switches: momentary push buttons, toggle switches, and smart remote buttons. You can enjoy the convenience of smart lighting without the need of changing your original light wall switches and hereby avoid damaging the existing interior design style.

Support Any Lights Bulbs

Whether you are in Europe or in the United States, the In-Wall Relay Switch will most likely work with your voltage requirement and light fixtures. It supports input voltages between AC 85V-240V and different lights: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lights.
Hardwired 4-Way Control with No Limit
In-Wall Relay Switch enables you to control your lights wirelessly and by using the traditional wall switches at the same time. Supporting hardwired 3-Way or 4-Way system, you can control same light fixture from multiple conventional wall switches. In addition, you can also control various light fixtures from one location.

Built-in Power Failure Memory

In-Wall Relay Switch memorizes the state of the light bulbs before a power outage and return it to the same state(on/off) prior to the power interruption when the power is restored.
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Smart Relay:



Product Size (L*W*H):

 59.4mm * 39.3mm * 21.2mm (2.34in. x 1.55in. x 0.83in.)







Input Voltage:  

 AC 85V~245V

Power Consumption:  

 Stand by: 0.65W, Working: 1.1W + load power

Max. Load Power:  

 AC 110V/300W

 AC 220V/600W

Min. Load Power:  

 No limit

Compatible Load Types:  

 Incandescent bulbs, Halogen bulbs, Fluorescent lamps, LED

Wireless Connectivity:  

 Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

RF Characteristics:  

 2.4GHz, Range: 50m/indoor, 80m/outdoor Internal antenna


 Operating: 0~40°C (32°~104°F)

 Storage: -20~85°C (-4°~185°F)

Ambient Humidity:  



Smart Switch:

Model number:  


Input Voltage:  

 AC 85V~245V

Max. Load Power:  

 AC 110V/300W AC 220V/600W

Min. Load Power:  

 No limit

Supported Switch Type:  

 Toggle, Momentary

Operating Temperature:  

 0~40°C (32°~104°F)

Relative Humidity:  

 5~85% RH

Product Size (L*W*H):  

 33.5mm * 28.2mm * 17.3mm (1.32in. x 1.11in. x 0.68in.)


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