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          The smoke detectors sets new safety standards in your home. There are a lot of potential fire sources in your own four walls, for example open fire such as candles or a fireplace. Also an iron, cooking utensils or numerous other electrical device can cause fire.   Smoke detectors can save lives. In case of a fire or smoke emission every second counts giving the chance to extinguish the fire or to get somebody or themselves out of harm’s way. The smoke detector detects resulting fire and smoke emission reliable. In case of emergency it alarms acoustically and sends alarm signal to network so that all other smoke detectors in range can be alarmed. That ensures that the alert also reaches people in all floors as well as in the night while they are sleeping. Thanks to wireless technology you can define further actions triggered by the smart home control center in case of an alarm. To enhance safety, escape routes can be highlighted with automated lighting and unlocking or locking of shutters and doors. Smart home buys time for you to get somebody or yourself out of harm’s way. Beyond these functions the smoke detector can be used as an independent indoor siren which can be integrated into an existing security system. Within your smart home network the smoke detector can be connected to other sensors such as door and window contacts or motion sensors independently from a control center. In case of an alarm the acoustic signal will be different from the signal in case of fire. If one smoke detector causes an alert it will relay to all other smoke detectors within network – automatically and without any configuration in the control center Bidirectional wireless protocol ensures high security and status messages Acoustic alarm Indoor siren function.

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